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Internet & Printing Kiosks


Surfbox® provides an internet access solution through the provision of "pay as you go" Internet Kiosks, which can be installed in a whole host of locations. We understand the important role which technology plays within the lives of your customers, making the need for simple and easy access to the internet a necessity now, more than ever. Whether you are a large or small organisation, we can custom design a kiosk which will meet and surpass the demands of your customers.


Kiosk Functions

  • PC, Keyboard, Montior and Mouse allows easy access to the internet.
  • Printing, phone charging, USB port, and headphone jack facilities.
  • Microsoft Office viewer software.

Internet Safety

  • High content filtering system, prohibits access to offensive material.
  • After user session ends your surfing history is automatically deleted

Hassle Free Revenue Stream

  • Remotely monitored and maintained by our technicians.
  • 1890 818 989 helpline.

Customised, Stylish Kiosks

  • Customised design to suit your organisation.
  • Additional solutions available; printing, Microsoft Office viewer and  phone charging facilities.

Please click on the link appropriate to your industry sector to find out more information about how Surfbox® solutions could work for you.


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